Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review on Chocolate fountain

This is definitely the star of my event, people compliment the dessert more than they compliment me, i guess., well fair enough =) The vendor best chocolate fountain, (anyone needs the contact number please just leave a comment) they came early and set up the fountain without any hassle, well there was a hassle about the plug or something but they quickly found the solution and everything when on smoothly, i would really recommend them, i think they must have brought extra mash-mellow with them since there alot of extra!!

                                         Testimonial from family & friends it is as tasty as it looks.

They event gave us extra fruits that we did not ask for like the kiwis, even though i did not have the chance to taste some but i guess its normal i these situation, i see other b2b complain about the very same thing,

As for food, our vendor for briyani would be from Mas Merah caterers. Alhamdulillah , i got to taste the food myself, they briyani rice, sambal tumis udang, briyani beef was to die for, i would love to eat the briyani everyday. Pity my husbter he he. Hubster was there and he insist me to eat with him since i did not eat anything, i am so grateful for that. Thanks.

Review on Makeupartist (MUA)

My makeup vendor for my engagement was marliy kama, the make up was abit too colourful and over the edge for me but she was nice, easy to talk to. As for the makeup after few alteration at the eye area, i'm loving my looks. Everyone compliment the makeup, thanks for being nice guys.

                                                                mcm tebal jer makeup.

Because i take the package M.U.A together with a photog, the photog was kak marliy husband everything was ok, however he was abit pushy and he loves to force people to pose certain ways and smile certain ways which makes me very uncomfortable. He also likes to make snarly remarks, regardless of how it makes other people feels, looking back now it might be the main factor why i'm not so keen about the makeup, however looking back at my picture i do look pretty.

I do have another photographer, this one would be the official photographer for our event, (official lah sangat, konon mcm anak raja je.) that would be for another post.

Friday, June 3, 2011

tempah baju nikah

when to Alam sentral to pick up my baju nikah, i tempah baju kurung putih kain italian crepe, i really love the material i bought the material dkt Jln Tar gulatis. So went to pick up the baju kurung... the baju itself is senget... and dkt lengan abit kecik so the baju tak flowy dia jadi mcm beropol2 bile pakai ... i mcm pelik. how do you messed up a baju kurung.... are you Stupi* or what.... geram sgt dahla kain tu mcm dah last stock.... my fhubby pun ckp not nice besar sgt la, mcm 2 sizes too big for me .. dia suruh hantar tailor balik suruh tukar... tp i tgk kain putih tu dkt leher ade biru-biru and then lengan ade merah2 mcm bekas ironing and the bekas chalk or tailor punye crayon tu... geramnye i ....

Out of sheer dissapoinment ... i terus pergi euro moda at SACC and beli kain lace and satin offwhite... sbb i tau ade offer sekarang ni ... ermm... i was so lost.. da lah semua bende buat sendiri.... bile tgk dkt jln tar tu tgh pilih2 kain normally b2b pergi dgn mother or MIL... i pergi dgn fhubby jer erm... ape la nasib... or maybe sbb i kot.. who knows...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

i'm getting engaged!!

Bunyi mcm terlebih excited pulak kan?, ROFL. that is a bit of an overstatement, i think im still quite ok if comparing to my fhubby, hehe, dia yg lebih excited, smp both of the parents my side including his, agree yang normally guys are not into these kind of things. Well, i guess they dont know him that well.

Let me tell you 1 thing about my fhubby, if he is trusted with a responsibility he would like to have his trademark on it, dia nak get involve and make the decision, personally i like guys yg involved because afterall, this is our wedding, it is a once in a life time ceremony and hopefully they wont be any other.

merisik at JB

5th March 2011, on a saturday 9.00pm, the merisik event went well, as expected, what i didnt expect that my fmil would sarung kan the merisik ring. alamak malunye mase tu, nak ambik gambar tu tak tgk camera,
 Well what ever it is sangat berpuas hati dgn everything ... smua nya went well, they discuss the normal matter, hantaran , date for tunang, expected date for the solemnization he he... tak sabarnyer. gatal sungguh.

we gave their family marble cheese cake and fruits with flower arrangement, and they give our side, fruit basket and cupcakes. Sayang, since our family doesnt have sweet tooth for bende manis2 ni so we all belasah buah-buahan tu la. tp thank god for the kids dorg g serbu cupcakes mcm org tak penah makan. LOL so funny.

receive an sms from my fhubby,' sayang u bake the cake urself ke?, the whole family suke sgt', LOL, i sms him back,' secret recipe yg bake the cake, best kan ?'

i think all the pain of cooking and getting the house clean and doing it at my grandma's house is worth it, afterall this is a once in a life time occasion, bt ikut kemampuan and do the things yg you wont regret later for not doing.

13 people from fhubby side came for the merisik session, and he bought me a ring together with the necklace. bestnye. Hopefully i can be a good wife for my fhubby, amin

will upload the piccas , insyaallah

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Merisik or Meminang

We have plan to go with adat merisik or meminang at the end of this month. Since, both of our families havent even met each other yet even after 4 years of us being together (we have met each other's families thou). So the objective for merisik will be to discuss on the engagement events, hantaran, and such. To get to know each other families thats the important part. 

Photo: A large Greek family dinner

how i wish the family can get along fine. Amin.

In my mind i keep on wishing something like this. LOL, takkan jadi punyer, sebab mcm over sgt tak? LOL, so our plan was to cook masakan kampung over dinner, so the families can talk over a casual dinner. The menu would be asam pedas, seafood fresh from kpg nelayan. Tak sabar rase. LOL :P

Jalan TAR

Yesterday, me and g2b when to Jalan TAR, the intention nak survey2 kain, so ok, after going round and round in the car, finally we found a parking spot. In the car we discussed that we are not going to Gulatis, Euro Moda, just for budgeting sake. After all this is only for engagement punye baju kan. 

So, we get out the car surprisingly we all dapat parking yang dekat. We went in the first shop to the right(After viewing some lovely thai silk material that were on sale). I went straight to the chiffon dept. I automatically fell in love with Beaded Chiffon material, it was affordable, well kind of cheap. Obviously it wont hurt our budget at all. 

My g2b being him the extravagant one. was complaining it was too simple. so we walk around the shop and finally he found ' beaded japanese lace' OMG. it was stunning and boleh agakla so was the pricekan. After discussing he decided to buy the kain and thats that. Our shopping trip was only 30mins kot. LOL. 

Here's the sneak peek of the kain. 

Rase macam nak tempah baju kurung modern with buttons detailing, but mr g2b has his own idea. so i really need to be diplomatic so that i can get the best of both world.